S.C.O.T. your Mobility, Relocation & Immigration partner

Operating in Alsace since October 1989, SCOT Relocation offers a full range of services and advice to make it easier for professionals and their families to settle in and integrate at the time of a transfer or starting a new job in the region, especially in Strasbourg, Haguenau, Saverne, Molsheim, Obernai and Colmar.

Why choose S.C.O.T. Relocation ?


Over the years, SCOT Relocation has developed a network of partners and share the benefits of its local expertise in Relocation. Thanks to solid professional knowledge acquired through practice and maintained by experience and training programmes, the SCOT Relocation team guarantees you a five-star quality service.


Using SCOT Relocation means prompt services, adapted to suit the requirements of individuals and companies. A friendly welcome, tailored to meet your needs, always ready to listen to you and offering the service you require. Security and reliability in Relocation services and advice which have been acknowledged by numerous companies who are now our loyal customers.


S.C.O.T. Relocation is a member of the SNPRM (Syndicat National des Professionnels de la Relocation et de la Mobilité – National Association of Relocation and Mobility Professionals) and the EURA (European Relocation Association) with contacts all over the world to guarantee continuity of service in looking after our customers.
Committed to an approach to improve the quality of Relocation Services, SCOT Relocation fully complies with the code of conduct of the National Association and we have set up procedures enabling us to meet our customers’ needs.


SCOT has a constant desire to meet the needs expressed by its customers and to improve the quality of its services, we systematically submit an information document and a satisfaction questionnaire.
The analysis of these questionnaires allows us to measure a level of quality achieved and the consistency with our commitments in relation to our occupation.


Since its creation, SCOT Relocation has welcomed and helped many families and nationalities, to settle into Strasbourg, and has helped French and international companies with their Relocations to Alsace.